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When you talk to your heart and body it reveals all that you need to know to change your circumstances and dis-harmonies. Let’s take some time today and help  you be more “realigned with the new better, brighter and more joyful YOU.”

Interview with Susan Flerchinger

Engineering Your Healing – Susan Flerchinger

After 21 years of software engineering experience, Master Energy Engineer Susan Flerchinger has developed her signature healing work of effecting bridging the analytical mind with the intuitive soul. She is an expert at identifying the roots of disharmony to align your energies and welcome in healing. She has cleared traumas, fears, limiting beliefs, trapped emotions, pain, physical disharmony, ancestry line and multidimensional influences successfully over her 14-year holistic healing journey.

Susan is constantly upgrading her skills and has certifications as a Medical Intuitive, Energy Medicine practitioner, Reiki Master, Angelic Healer and Emotion Code practitioner. She is also an author, a spiritual warrior, an energy coder, and a conduit of divine service. 

Susan’s extensive experience, divine support and success in helping others sparked the creation and continual expansion of Susan’s Energy Toolkit (SET) that literally cracks the code for unlocking amazing health, happiness and self-empowerment. Today is your invitation to flourish and thrive like never before. Get ready to SET yourself free and IGNITE your life!

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