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Fear of Missing Something

By Heather Mulhern

I used to feel this often. When there was an event, especially a Karl Wolfe event that I wanted to attend though could not, I would feel that I had missed something. I now see there was nothing to ‘miss’ other than the fact that I missed the result of the experience by feeling I missed something. I kept the fullness of the experience’s bounty from me with a feeling of lack. And in a moment, I could have flipped the switch to receive all that I perceived I had missed.

FOMS some people call it- FEAR OF MISSING SOMETHING.

This realization came to me the other evening when Shukri was substitute teaching movement for Joan and someone came into the class five minutes late. They commented that they were sorry they were late and it was obvious that they had missed something as everyone was in their heart and glowing.

The moment the person said it, I couldn’t believe I had felt I had been missing something so many times in my life. It was so obvious that she hadn’t missed anything. In fact, it is happening right now and if she could see that all she need do is open to the moment and be where we are, she too could be buzzing and enjoy an open heart.

You simply plug into the energy in play. That is all. It is a gift the group generates when they show up and hold the space together.

It is not a vampiric energy I am talking about. It isn’t about getting something from the group. The subtle difference is in the intention.

Intention is everything. The purity of the intention to receive the gifts of the moment and contribute to them simultaneously is all it takes. That really is a key element to this work. 

We all show up when we do. Sometimes we show up energetically.

Either way, it is the energy of contribution and the purity of our intention that allow us to plug in and move with the group.  Or, it is the energy of taking or needing because you lack something that  isolates us from the group which then leaves us feeling we missed something and therefore have no access to the present moment.

Karl said we move each other forward. If you see it in another, you have it too.
It seems so clear now how thin that separation is that keeps us from just plugging in and enjoying the present moment and all its gifts.

We choose in each moment our experience-gain or lack, expansion or contraction. Both experiences hold information for us. Embrace them both fully without blame or judgement-now that right there is the true challenge;)

Keep movin’, curbin’, and pluggin’ in!

About author: Heather Mulhern was a student of the late Karl Wolfe. She has been pivotal in keeping the Karl Wolfe community together since his passing in 2018. Heather is currently taking Joan’s classes and has great insight to share.

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