Movement Feedback

Pain Relief

Jessica will do a remote healing session for everyone who is on the zoom call.
Pain relief for the whole body and reduce inflammation that creates pain and other body issues. Jessica can also do a couple of 1-1 mini healing.

Interview with Jessica Frammin

Bio: Jessica Frammin was born with this gift and she has contributed it for a long time in various ways To people animals and Mother Earth. 
She is an empathetic, intuitive,  energy medicine healer and alchemist. She has helped 100s Of people suffering form depression, anxiety, stress and panic attacks and helped them to be free from both pain and body inflammation. Furthermore, it has helped people to sleep better and other important things. 

Jessica has also helped people to find themselves again and helped them find the joy of life again. Her life mission is to be at service to as many people as possible and to help people to increase their quality of life, to grow as a human being, to feel as good as possible, and to be happier. 

And Jessica really love to contribute to the world and do it with a great joy.

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