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The Healing Power of Plants

Simple ways to incorporate plants into your life for physical, mental, and spiritual healing.

Interview with Giovanna Quirici

Giovanna is a modern day Medicine Woman, Certified Herbalist & passionate advocate for Mother Earth. She holds a Bachelors in Biology and has spent most of her life working in the Healthcare field including Pharmaceutical Sales, Health Insurance, Hospitals, & Physical Therapy. Until 2 years ago, when a trip to Colombia a plant medicine retreat changed everything for her. Her passion for plant medicine was awakened & she began tuning into the deep wisdom of the Earth. Now you can find her out foraging for plants, growing medicinal plants in her gardens and mixing up all kinds of different small batch medicine infused with the utmost love & care. She is passionate about reconnecting adults & children back to nature, back to the plants, and back to the roots of what nourishes us on a physical, mental, emotional, & spiritual level.

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