Movement Feedback

The Magic of Movement Feedback

Valerie Chan and Dr. Joan Yue discussed the magic of Movement Feedback in transforming people. Movement Feedback aligns the Body, Mind, and Spirit. Movement reveals your energetic patterns, while feedback boosts your alignment to the Quantum Field. Valerie gave great insights on integrating Karl Wolfe’s teaching. Joan discussed how to master the art of feedback to facilitate students’ transformations.

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Discussion Between Valerie Chan and Joan Yue

Valerie Chan has been a communications expert for 20+ years helping leading technology companies craft stories for staff, customers, partners and media. Over the last ten years, Valerie has worked and studied with a variety of energy healers, doctors and communication experts to understand the different learning and speech modalities for better sense of wellness. For fun, she enjoys writing, speaking and real estate development.  

Below is Valerie’s Tedtalk. She envisioned it in the Quantum Field and it became a reality. It speaks the power of Movement Feedback.

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