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Trust it will all work out!

I host a 2-day slackline event in San Diego today and tomorrow. So exciting. I can’t wait to see the breakthroughs by the participants.

It’s a rainy season in San Diego. And it almost rained everyday for two weeks.

Last week my husband was worried and asked me what if it rained during the slackline event. I said “I never worry about it. I trust that it will be alright. It won’t rain during those two days.”

Yesterday morning it was pouring very hard. Still I told my clients during a Movement Feedback class that it would be dry today during slackline.

I trust that Spirit will arrange sunny weather for us. It’s a direct experience that happens over and over again that I don’t have second thought about it.

I used to overthink constantly and worry about everything. Movement Feedback got me into my body to stop overthinking and start trusting that all is well and the Universe has my back. It’s a wonderful place to be. Life gets way easier that way.

Guess what weather focus I saw waking up this morning? 0% chance of rain at our starting time for both days.

Curious about slackline event?

Slackline is a 1 inch flat line hang between two trees. You walk on it holding two people’s hands. It’s a powerful Movement Feedback tool to release unconscious patterns holding you back. Our conscious mind prevents us from feeling lots of emotions.

On the slackline, the mind is flooded with information to balance the body that emotions leak out. On the slackline, you can’t really think so some clients feel that it helps them stop overthinking. It is a way learning to let go.

In addition, we record your walk on the slackline and watch the replay in slow motion to identify and release limiting patterns.

The next Slackline Event is on August 4-5.

Magical love,


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